MIT 45 Silver 2x Kratom Capsules


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MIT 45 Silver 2x Kratom Shots

MIT 45 Silver comes 12ct to a display box

MIT45 Silver Liquid 2x is our brand new, torqued up version of the Silver. Coming in at double the strength, this 60ml behemoth is both effective and cost effective.

Why Kratom?

Kratom is an all-natural solution to a wide variety of problems depending on dosage levels.
    • Lower dosages are reportedly from feedback from customers good for pain reduction and management.
    • Mid-level doses (usually found in powders and capsules) have been reported to give users a significant energy boost.
The dosage level is based on the number of mitragynine users ingest while taking the product. The more mitragynine, the more intense the experienced effect. These capsules are among the varieties used for energy and tend to be on the high end of the spectrum – around 45 percent, in some cases. Like both powders and extracts, MIT capsules are completely organic and contain no synthetic ingredients.

Check out the rest of our store for other great products!

Check out the rest of our store for other great products!

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