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Aerospace Technology Time Capsule Container

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Large Aerospace Technology Blue Time Capsule Container

The Time Capsule is a consumer grade storage device inspired by the NASA Biological Research In Canister (BRIC4) hardware which was designed to provide a storage container for the investigations into the effects of space flight on small specimens. These canisters are completely air & water tight and resist normal pressurization. The wide thick screw thread and the rubber O-Ring seal guarantee that the materials you place inside this container are well protected from outside elements.

Storage Container Feature:
  • Lid Works as Extra Tray
  • G-Spec O-Ring for Tight Seal
  • Advanced Polymer Construction
  • Screw on Plastic Top
  • UV Resistant
  • Complete Vapor & Odor Barrier
  • Color: Blue
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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