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14" Glycerin Glass Water Pipe

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SKU: 4-GF-2985

Love having icy fresh smoke but don't want to deal with ice cubes? The Glycerin Coil Beaker Bong has a detachable tubing which goes straight in the freezer! When not being held together by the included keck clips, the Glycerin Coil can be stored in a cold place and retain its temperature while your smoke travels through it. The results between the coil and the diffused down stem is a full-flavored, icy smooth hit. The 18mm to 14mm removable down stem is 3" long and holds the included 14mm male deep bowl. If you like icy hits, it doesn't get much better than the 14" Glycerin Glass Water Pipe.

Joint: 14mm Female

- Two Pieces

- Includes Keck Clip 

- Bowl Included

- Color May Vary 

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