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Earth Kratom Green Vietnam - 250g Kratom Powder

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Earth Kratom Green Vietnam - 250g Kratom Powder

Green Vietnam Earth Kratom provides intense energy and strong euphoric effects. It can often be taken in fewer dosages than other green strains.  Possibly the epitome of a balanced strain

While not as potent as a strain such as Bali or Borneo, Vietnam strains are fairly close in painkilling effects. The nature of these effects feels somewhat different, as it doesn’t have as much of the characteristic sedation found in other strong strains for pain relief. While not overpowering to any extent, Vietnam Earth Kratom is known for its extremely smooth energetic effects. Unlike some strains like Thai, it is not forceful energy, but if you need to get stuff done, the energy is certainly there. Because of this, many people prefer Vietnam strains for daily use, and some even use this kratom for depression. One of the most unique effects of Vietnam strains is their organic feeling of clarity and mood-lifting, which aside from this strain, typically only occur in strains such as white vein Borneo. This feeling is characterized by a feeling of mental energy, and clarity, making difficult work a breeze, without the physical intensity that some other strains cause. Despite not being overpowering, users of these strains know that this effect should not be taken lightly, as it is fairly potent despite its subtlety.


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