3" Smokit Assorted Colors Dugout


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3" Smokit - All-In-One Grinder Dugout

Make sure you have the ability to have a great smoke wherever you are with a Smokit all-in-one grinder dugout. It’s a complete smoking kit, including a dugout with poker, packaged in a convenient case that keeps your smoking material safe and discreetly hidden away. Perfect for travelling, or just day-to-day use on-the-go, it’s one of the handiest smoking accessories you’ll find.

Quality And Portability

We made our all-in-one grinder dugout kits so that you’ll never be without a way to get a few hits in when you need them the most. You’ll love the convenience of this award-winning design.

  • The custom-molded pipe is manufactured from an aluminum alloy that gives you a great pull without allowing too much heat to reach your fingers.
  • Serrated pipe-edge aids in packing your smoking material.
  • We supply our dugout with a poker and spoon tool made from real copper that helps you clear your pipe and scoop material.
  • The removable grinder card fits directly over the storage area or can be used as a straightedge for gathering loose material.
  • The Grade-A medical silicone container is easily removable.
  • Designed in the U.S.A., this dugout is precision engineered and coated in a rubber finish that is durable enough for day to day use and can pass a drop test.
  • 3.5" x 1.5" x 0.5"

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