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Detoxify XXTRA Clean Grape Flavored Cleanse

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 Detoxify Xxtra Clean Grape is a cleansing herbal detox drink formulated for people with higher toxin levels. The 20oz ready-to-drink formula is packed with vitamins, minerals, and Detoxify's proprietary blend of cleansing herbs.


When you want to give your body and system a clean slate, reach for this XXTRA CLEAN 20 oz Grape Herbal Cleanse Detoxify. It's an outstanding source of vitamins and minerals, and it also features Detoxify's own blend of cleansing herbs. This natural cleanser is just what you need to rid your body of toxins and impurities so that you can leave a cleaner, healthier and purer lifestyle. It works quickly so that you can achieve quick results.

For best results, combine this cleanser with a healthy diet rich in vitamins, fruits, and vegetables, plenty of water, regular exercise, and at least seven hours of sleep a night.

XXTRA CLEAN 20 oz Grape Herbal Cleanse Detoxify:

    • Packed with vitamins and nutrients
    • Body cleanse helps promote the body's natural detoxification process

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