Jomotech Nvape Wax Vape Pen Kit

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Jomotech Nvape Wax Vape Pen Kit

The Nvape, by Jomotech, is an easy to use, discreet vape pen that is designed to work with wax and other full melt concentrates. The Nvape uses a wickless ceramic donut heating element to provide smooth flavor without the burnt after-taste.  Its small size makes it very portable and it is available in 4 different colors.  The black comes with an all black case, the gold color comes in an all tan case, the red comes in a red and off white case, and the blue comes in a blue and white case.

Convenient Carrying Case
Ceramic Donut Coil
Small and Discreet Design

Materials:  Aluminum, Brass, Glass
Size:  0.49 X 4.9 inches
Battery Capacity:  360mAh
Resistance:  0.5Ω-0.7Ω
Working Voltage:  3.2-3.7V
Power Range:  7W-12W
Approximate Charge Time:  1.5 hours

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