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Kava FX 12ct Display

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Kava FX

The only Kava Shot that is fully manufactured in a Health Canada GMP Certified Lab. No other ready to drink Kava shot is manufactured from A to Z in a lab like ours.

-Kava FX only uses Noble Kava Root from Vanuatu (No leaves, stems, or fillers) Kava FX test their raw material to ensure it is of Noble Variety as well. 

- Each bottle contains a total of 500mg Kavalactones

- Vegan

- Non-GMO Noble Kava root

-Kava FX also does, antimicrobial testing, heavy metals testing, and a full range of tests to ensure and deliver the best, cleanest, and most potent Kava shot!

The best way to enjoy KavaFx is on an empty stomach or 3 to 4 hours after eating. I personally prefer to let it sit in my mouth for a few seconds so it gets absorbed from under the tongue( Like a tincture) DO NOT MIX WITH ALCOHOL.


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