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Kush Hemp Gold Woven Wraps King Size - 4ct

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Kush Hemp Gold Woven Wraps King Size - 4ct

Almost too good to smoke them - Perfect for special occasions!

The artfully interwoven mixture of fine industrial hemp and precious 24 karat leaf gold makes the KUSH Gold + Hemp Woven Cones an absolute eye-catcher.
No matter if it is meant to be a shiny present for connoisseur-friends or for a special event - Not everyone smokes something like this and certainly not everyday!

The voluminous cone contains a ready folded tip, so it can be filled at any time and be smoked as usual.

KUSH Gold Cones are individually packed in a resealable glass tube, to let this pretty gem survive the journey to you unscathed. The tube is also quite practical reusable.

Short summary:

- Length: approx. 103 mm
- Diameter: approx. 10 - 12 mm
- Tube: approx. 20 - 130 mm
- 4 cones per box

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