LTQ Vapor Rosin Press KP4


Color: Pink
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The all-new Hydraulic  KP4 Dual Plated Rosin Press from LTQ Vapor is a lightweight manual rosin press with a 4 ton capacity. The all-new KP4 Hydraulic Dual Plated Rosin Press from LTQ Vapor features dual heating plates and a state of the art built in heating assembly giving you proper temperature control. Use the built-in LED HUD to control your heating elements, then when you're ready get to work by using the lightweight hand crank you can create all the concentrates your heart desires!  The LTQ Vapor KP4 Rosin Press is best suited for personal home use. The KP4 also feature two custom built handles for easier transportation.  
Power: 300W-700W (The power varies with the voltage  --> 110V / 300W or 220V/700W)
Time Range: 0s-999s
Temperature Range: 0-302°F
Product Size: 7.5" x 5.7" x 14.5"
Dual Heated Plates: 4"x4"

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