Randy's Path Electronic Nectar Collector


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Randy's Path Electronic Nectar Collector

Create your own Path with the first of its kind, 2-in-1 Nectar Collector Vaporizer from Randy’s that doubles as a convenient 510-threaded battery for use with pre-filled cartridges! Randy’s Path is a multi-function vaporizer pen built to deliver smooth hits of your favorite wax concentrates no matter what form they come in.

This electronic nectar collector works like any other honey collector or concentrate straw, except without the need for a torch! Simply dip the heated quartz tip into any desired wax or oil and draw from the opposite end. Your vapor will pass through the Path’s body and instantly produce flavorful & potent hits wherever life may take you. 

You can choose your own path again by either hitting the vape mouthpiece or the cartridge mouthpiece to enjoy your favorite wax or CBD cartridges with ease. If the quartz tip ever needs replacing, you can unscrew the old tip from the device and attach a new one the same way you would add a cartridge. 

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