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XL HEM Cannabis Incense

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  • HEM incense can be found in households across the globe as they are an affordable but yet quality incense. HEM make their incense using traditional Indian methods and each fragrance is skilfully blended together from natural resins, florals, woods and essential oils. Each stick from HEM is hand rolled in their factories in Mumbai and Bangalore, India. They have been operating since 1975 so alongside their experience and strict quality control processes you can be assured you're always going to receive a quality made incense when buying HEM.  From World Famous Hem Incense.


  • Hand Made in India.
  • 120 Incense Sticks Per Bulk Box. Each Box of 120 Sticks Contains 6 Inner Boxes of 20 Sticks Each.
  • Made From Select Woods, Resins, Florals, and Fine Essential Oils. Blended Skillfully According to Ancient Traditions.
  • Each Stick Burns for Approximately 30 Minutes.